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Having clean, healthy and attractive teeth is very important for the majority of people these days. Not only does having nice teeth represent attractiveness but it also signifies good health and cleanliness. With all the teeth whitening products and corrective dental surgery available, it is expected of you to at least try and make your teeth presentable. With all this pressure to have a gleaming smile, plus the huge number of private dental clinics in the city, it’s difficult to know which dentist is for you. This article reviews arguably the best Glasgow dental practice available and details all you need to know.

The Berkeley Clinic

The Berkeley Clinic is a private dental practice in the bustle of Glasgow city centre offering a comprehensive range of restorative, corrective, preventative, and cosmetic dentistry. This clinic is arguably the best Glasgow dental practice in the city. This opinion has been formed as a result of the stunning results achieved by the practice as well as the multiple awards they have won over the years such as Private Practice of the Year UK and Best Treatment of Nervous Patients. The latter is particularly impressive as many people who have avoided the dentist for decades have finally been able to attend the Berkeley Clinic for the treatment they are in desperate need for. This high end practice has a team dedicated to the treatment of patient’s suffering from dental anxiety with alternative treatment methods available such as conscious sedation and dental hypnosis.

woman wearing braces applied at Glasgow dental practice

Best Dental Practice Treatments

One of the first things you should consider when searching for a dental practice, is what work or treatments you want to have. You need to choose a clinic that not only provides this service but has extensive experience performing successful treatments. One sure way to find out is to look at the treatment list and check the website, social media and Trust Pilot for positive reviews on the treatment you are hoping to have. The Berkeley Clinic offer the following:

Root Canal Treatment

Six Months Smiles

Teeth Whitening Glasgow

BioPAK Centre

Ceramic Veneers

Bruxism and Parafunction

Ceramic Crowns


Safe Amalgam Removal


Dental Bridge

Splint Therapy

Oral Hygiene Clinic

Missing Teeth

CADCAM Dentistry

CAT Scan

Woman smiling with perfect teeth after visiting Glasgow dental practice

The Surgery

The Berkeley Clinic is located within a refurbished town house on Newton Terrace in Glasgow’s West End. The foyer and waiting area are decorated more closely to a boutique hotel, as opposed to a dental surgery. Not only does this create a unique experience for the patients but also sets a relaxing and homely tone which is helpful for patients suffering from dental anxiety. Overall the clinic is inviting and familiar thus making for an enjoyable visit to the dentist. All of these aspects are what has resulted in the Berkeley Clinic being known as the best Glasgow dental practice.

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