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Customers are essential to businesses. They are the reason why they operate. If you aren’t attracting enough business then the fact of the matter is that you aren’t going to last much longer. But as essential to your business as they are – they can often be hard to attract. There is so much choice out there for the consumer. Even if you offer something different to competitors, if you don’t use the right channels, customers will never know. Here are some ways to go about attracting customers:

  • Use the Right Advertising for You

Your business should already be using some form of advertising. But is it the most suitable form for your business? Many people will disregard using some channels of advertising for any number of reasons. For example, many businesses won’t use newspapers because sales are declining. But if your target audience are those living in and around the area your business is located in, especially those that read a smaller local newspaper then maybe it would be a good idea to use them. Think about what is best for your business. You can look into what channels other local competitors are doing for a good idea.

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·        Using Networking and Referrals

This is a great, cheap way to pick up some business. By using networking and previous business associates to gain customers, you are more likely to see them return. This is because customers that have been referred have a higher return rate than normal customers. For this process to work you will need to have a clear idea of who your “customer” should be. Then ask your contacts to tell people that fit this description about your business. If it all works out then it will drum up great interest in your company.

·        Attracting Customers: Team Up

Teaming up with another business to form a partnership is another way to gain customers. You can come to an agreement on the terms. The most common forms of this partnership is offering double deals. Restaurants and cinemas offering deals is a popular example. Get in contact with another local business that has a similar target demographic to yours. This way, you both benefit from each other’s business.

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·        Strategic Alliances

While “teaming up” is usually a one-off deal. Strategic alliances are much more long-term agreements between businesses. These can come in many different forms. One of the most popular ones is referring each other. An example of this would be an advertising agency and graphic designer teaming up. Because the customer will likely need both, they will each get business from the same customer. If your goal is attracting local customers then you should choose a partner that is a popular brand within your community.


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