How Important Is Furniture Upholstery?


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Furniture upholstery is a very important practice. Upholsterers across the UK and further afield have been practising their craft for many years. Upholstery itself is significant as it is essentially the construction of furniture using a variety of materials such as springs , stuffing and other materials in order to restore or create furniture.

Furniture upholstery

What Role Does Upholstery Play In The Irish Community?

Furniture upholstery in the irish community plays an important role in the community overall. One of the main reasons as to why this is the case is the jobs it bring’s to local communities. Traditionally many irish settlers and migrants have brought their own trades and crafts across to new countries that they have settled in.

Furniture upholstery is no exception. For many years Irish settlers have relied on this trade to provide for their families and to build businesses for the future. What makes the upholstery industry so unique is the fact that it is such a skilled and specialist craft. In order for furniture to be upholstered or reupholstered, it is crucial that it is completed to a high standard.

This means that when any upholstery work is being done, it is important that it is completed by someone who has spent years learning the trade. Most skilled upholstery services simply cannot be produced en-masse due to the years of experience and skills required. Therefore it is quite a niche business which often has high demand thanks to the quality work it produces.

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Is Reupholstered Furniture In Demand?

Another key question which is often being asked is whether of not reupholstered furniture is in demand. At the present moment in time there is actually a fairly significant demand for reupholstered furniture. This has come about for a variety of different reasons. One of the main reasons for this is the skills an experience that have been passed down through years for future generations to learn.

Many people outside of the furniture industry understand that furniture reupholstery can often be associated with high levels of quality. Therefore many people are more likely to choose to have their furniture reupholstered as a result of this. Furniture which has been repaired and crafted by hand often fetches good prices on the market.

What Role Does The Furniture Trade Play In The Irish Community

Overall the furniture trade plays a very significant role within the irish community. This is because furniture has been sold for centuries and it is an important part of most households. The irish community in Leicester for many years have specialied in upholstery and reupholstery.

These trades have provided jobs for hundreds of young people over several generations and have helped to leave a lasting legacy. It’s also important to note that this trade is one of the few crafts left which are still done by had instead of being completed by a computer of piece of machinery. It is hoped that in years to come that this trade and industry will continue to flourish.

Furniture upholstery

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