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Everyone who lives in Glasgow knows the dire situation with the roads. A combination of the terrible weather and the local councils’ lack of spending over many years has resulted in many of the local roads so gnarly and cratered that driving them can be quite treacherous. Tarmac Glasgow is a big business as local companies are constantly being called out to patch up isolated areas, only for them to deteriorate again over the following few winters. It is true that in many areas of the city and surrounding suburbs that it would be more cost effective and time efficient to have the entire road removed and re-laid, yet local councils are reluctant to do so in order to save cash short term. The plus side of this never-ending tarmac cycle is that local tarmac companies in Glasgow are thriving. Follow this guide for all you need to know about your local tarmac Glasgow business.  Man in thick hedges of landscaped garden with tarmac Glasgow

Tarmac Glasgow

Tarmac is a substance that the UK relies on heavily to uphold the ability for immense road vehicle transportation. In other words, as a nation we rely on tarmac to keep our roads fully functioning and accessible which ultimately allows us to transport goods and services, and gets us from A to B. Of course there are many other uses for tarmac Glasgow aside from the roads. Tarmac can be used to lay domestic driveways and even to design gardens. RM Kennedy is a company which specialises in expert tarmac laying for both commercial and domestic projects and are certainly a contractor to consider for your tarmac needs.

Local Tarmac Glasgow Driveways

If you are looking for anew driveway for your domestic property, RM Kennedy is the contractor you have been searching for. The team are expertly trained in the tarmac Glasgow process but also in exterior design. They understand the importance that the exterior entrance has upon the property as a whole and feel that a well-designed and constructed drive can make the difference between a house and a home. Other benefits include:

  • Free estimates
  • Competitive prices
  • Full planning and design
  • High-quality work
  • Professional service
  • No job too big or small

Path in Garden Made from Tarmac Glasgow

Hard Landscaping with Local Tarmac Glasgow

When people think of landscaping their garden, they often forget to consider the importance and effeteness of tarmac. Most people think lush green grasses, thick rose bushes and waterfalls, however a beautiful and large garden requires foundations and structure as does any other design. Consider the footpath you want to help navigate visitors through your garden in order to avoid stepping on delicate flowerbeds. Or you may want to have levels installed with steps if your garden has an incline that is difficult to work with. An obvious one is an area for alfresco dining and entertaining which would require a flat and stable surface. RM Kennedy have years of experience designing and constructing hard landscaping with Tarmac Glasgow.

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