Great Ideas: Community Warehouse With Mobile Scissor Lift Tables & Pallet Lifters


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An idea that is not considered very often is to have a communal community warehouse. Many people may think the idea wouldn’t work but it could be a great way to bring the community together and promote health and allow for more celebrations. We have decided to put together a short article on why a community warehouse might work out for your local community. We’ve thrown in some equipment that you’re probably going to need if you dive in head first. This could be anything from mobile scissor lift tables to pallet lifters.

Read on and find out why we think a community warehouse is a great idea.

Why Would You Need A Community Warehouse?

There are many reasons why a community warehouse would be a great idea.

To begin with, you can employ local apprentices and tradesmen to build the warehouse in the beginning, providing valuable work experience to the younger generation and creating more skilled workers in your area.

It can be used to store decorations like Christmas lights, so that the community can rest assured that the town will always be beautiful whenever the next holiday descends, without having to chip in for new lights every year.

On a more serious note, a community warehouse would be an ideal place to locate a food bank or donations drop off. This could be for foods or clothes, or even toys. The storage space it would provide would mean no one in your community has to go hungry.

mobile scissor lift tables

Engage The Community As Volunteers

A community warehouse would also engage the locals and build great comradery. Young and old can volunteer throughout the week, whether it is keeping the place tidy or organise the stock within the warehouse. This could even count as another form of work experience.

Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

Now for the equipment. The first thing we want to note is that you would need to make the space engaging for all. If the elderly want to join as volunteers, then you will need to find equipment that will help them get to higher platforms or lift heavy materials. Mobile scissor lift tables can do that. They have many uses and would be a real advantage for a community warehouse. Speak to LLM Handling for more advice on how mobile scissor lift tables could improve your warehouse.

pallet lifters

Pallet Lifters

Another piece of equipment that could come in handy is pallet lifters. Local supermarkets and stores will often donate food or goods to local charities should they be in need. These products are very often organised on large wooden pallets that are difficult to lift and organise. Pallet lifters would be a great addition and allow you to keep the community warehouse tidy. A perfect company to speak to about this product would be MST (Mobile Scissor Tables UK). They have a wide range so you’re bound to find something in there.

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