How Supporting Small Business Could Help the Community

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When you spend your money on a local business, the money goes straight back to the community which helps what is around you become better rather than contributing to the millions a corporate firm is making.

  1. Healthier- Buying from local grocery stores and local farmers gives you fresh products. Fresh dairy, eggs and meats can make a huge difference to your diet and can even help build up your immune system. Products packed with preservatives are unhealthy for your family and will always taste only half as good as the real deal.
  2. Relations- Building relations with the man over the counter and having a certain amount of trust for the people that you meet everyday makes you a little more invested. Rather than dreading driving to the massive Supermarket, you walk in and see a familiar face. You also know who is handling the food you put on the table everyday and they will be more likely to give you the best.
  3. Environment- Having a shop that is a five minute walk away as compared to having to drive to the mall, results in less traffic and better surroundings. It reduces the amount of cars in the road and also reduces air pollution. It brings people closer together and even benefits the economy. Better wages and more jobs on offer bring the community to a better place.

Wall of plants being potted by members of the community

  1. Innovation- A small business will always strive to smile a little wider when you walk through the door because they are competing with large retail stores across the country. Better customer services and the ability to ask for something in specific makes small businesses a better bet for buyers. You are more likely to get festive discounts and a freebie at a local store than a Tesco. Instead of buying generic brands available across the country, you get one-of-a-kind products when you visit a local store.
  2. Your tax benefits you- When you invest your hard earned money into a store and get a decent part of your salary cut before you even get there, knowing that the money you are paying is coming around the corner to help you is comforting. You are supporting schools, police offices, construction and more in your area. This not only increases the growth of the community but it also gives you the satisfaction of knowing your money is well spent.


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